State of the Nation Address 2022

State of the Nation Address 2022

Leave No One Behind Leave No One Behind

Fighting hunger and poverty

South Africa has invested significantly in a social wage package to reduce inequality and address the worst effects of poverty. This includes free basic services, education and social housing for the poor, as well as an extensive social security grants system.

Leaving no one behind means expanding social protection to reach those who are in need.

President Cyril Ramaphosa


Achievement highlights

  • Social relief of distress (SRD) grant reaches 10m people

  • Around R63 billion in UIF benefits paid out as part of the COVID-19 Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme

R195.5 billion in social grants in 2021/22

R86.5 billion

Old age pension

R23.6 billion

Disability grant

R73.3 billion

Child support grant

R4.3 billion

Foster child grant

R3.7 billion

Care dependency grant

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