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Power Alert

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Get regular updates on the latest developments on the Energy Action Plan, reducing load shedding and ensuring energy security.

8 January 2024

South Africa’s biggest solar power plants

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24 January 2024

Free State dorpie becomes South Africa’s first ‘smart town’

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15 February 2024

Winter is coming: The plan to curb load shedding starts next month

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Current Buzz

The Electricity Amendment Bill is set to transform the energy sector.

Consumers can look forward to:
Energy Action Plan
  • Lower electricity prices
  • More choices to buy electricity from
  • Better renewable energy options
  • A steady supply of energy
  • The end of load shedding

It is currently being debated in Parliament and expected to be passed into law later this year.

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Currently in effect
Load Shedding

By switching off lights when not needed

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*based on bulb wattage and charger efficiency

Take Charge Click-to-Save Energy

When you Click-to-Save you’re using your power to save money and help reduce load shedding.

Whether we click off, click down, or click yes, when we all Click-to-Save electricity, our united action can lift the load on the power supply.

That’s why even the smallest click makes a big impact. So Click-to-Save with unplugged instead of stand-by, with an extra blanket instead of an electric blanket, with geysers on when we need them and off when we don’t.

This energy-saving LED light bulb is about 75% more energy-efficient than a traditional incandescent light bulb. It uses curved filaments for a vintage look.

Every Click-to-Save counts

Saving energy at home or work is easy once you know how. Our collection of Click-to-Save tips will get you started and saving with every click, by sharing free easy-to-do actions, smaller budget-for expenses and larger spending-to-save investments.

Switch off appliances and lights that are not in use.

Plug in office equipment to match working hours.

Energy Action Plan

The five-step plan has set timeframes and actions to address the electricity shortfall:


Maximise the output of Eskom's power stations

Fix Eskom and improve existing supply

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Add as much new generation capacity as possible

Buy as much new power as possible, as quickly as possible to close the electricity shortfall

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Add as much new generation capacity as possible

Unleash businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar

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Add as much new generation capacity as possible

Enable private investment in generation

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Add as much new generation capacity as possible

Transform the electricity sector

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