State of the Nation  2024


Fighting corruption

Corruption is a crime against the South African people and robs our people of resources that should have been used to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

Government has already started taking decisive steps to expose and punish corrupt activities in both the public and private sectors, reform our institutions to make them stronger and more transparent, and restore a professional and effective public service.

We established the NPA Investigating Directorate to prosecute state capture and other significant corruption cases.

The Investigating Directorate has to date enrolled over 34 corruption cases, charged 202 accused individuals and and 65 accused entities.


The tide is turning!

We are making progress in the fight against corruption:

  • Over 1,300 corruption convictions in four years, including 500 government officials.
  • R14.18 billion assets frozen in corruption and state capture cases.
  • 34 cases enrolled involving over 200 accused persons, including former Ministers and some of the largest corporate companies in the country, such as, McKinsey and ABB.
  • The NPA has finalised a comprehensive settlement agreement with company ABB to pay over a further R2.5bn in 'punitive reparations to South Africa' for its part in State Capture. This adds to the R6 billion ABB already paid to Eskom in 2020.
  • NPA Amendment Bill (tabled in parliament in August 2023) to establish Investigating Directorate On Corruption as a permanent prosecution-led investigating unit to fight corruption, employing its own investigators with the legal powers to arrest, seize documents and provide evidence in court.

Read the full report on progress here

The National Anti-Corruption Advisory Council, consisting of people from across society, is in place to advise on suitable mechanisms to stem corruption, including an overhaul the institutional architecture for combatting corruption.

President Cyril Ramaphosa


  • We put a decisive stop to state capture and have worked to dismantle the criminal networks within the state and to ensure that perpetrators faced justice.

  • We appointed capable people with integrity to head our law enforcement agencies, government departments, security services and state companies.

  • The credibility and efficiency of a number of institutions like the South African Revenue Service have been restored and their performance improved.

  • We set up the Investigating Directorate as a specialised and multidisciplinary unit within the National Prosecuting Authority to investigate corruption and other serious crimes.

  • Through new legislation, we have strengthened our ability to prevent money laundering and fraud and secure South Africa’s removal from the “grey list” of the Financial Action Task Force.

  • With the assistance of business, we have set up a digital forensic capability to support the NPA Investigating Directorate, which will be expanded to support law enforcement in the near future.