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The state capture inquiry

The State Capture Commission of Inquiry was established in 2018 following recommendations from the Public Protector.

After four years of investigation, the Commission handed its final report to the President in June 2022.

The commission concluded that state capture was 'facilitated by a deliberate effort to exploit or weaken key state institutions and public entities, but also including law enforcement institutions and the intelligence services.’

A number of recommendations were made to government.

President Ramaphosa tabled a response to the Commission's recommendations in parliament in October 2022, heralding a new chapter in our struggle against corruption.

This year in October, a progress report was released on the actions implemented since the President's response to State Capture recommendations.

Read the full report on progress here.


  • The publication of a national charter against corruption

  • The strengthening of protection for whistle-blowers and allowing them to financially benefit from disclosures

  • The creation of an anti-corruption agency dealing with public procurement

  • The deferral of prosecution of corporations if they cooperate fully and pay a fine

  • The creation of a professional body for procurement officers

  • The enhancement of transparency in public procurement

  • The strengthening of protection for accounting officers or authorities acting in good faith

  • The strengthening of the Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Activities Act (Precca)

  • The criminalizing of making donations to political parties in exchange for a tender

  • The introduction of stronger and more specific legislation relating to public procurement

  • Note: These are only the overall recommendations, please refer to the State Capture report for the full list of recommendations.

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