State of the Nation  2024

SONA 2022

"Let us get to work.
Let us rebuild our country.
And let us leave no one behind."

President Cyril Ramaphosa

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The State of the Nation Address in February 2022 identified bold, decisive actions to address the urgent challenges that our country faces. It was about building a new consensus to take South Africa forward. And it was about leaving no one behind. These highlights provide an overview of the concrete and measurable actions taken by government over the last year to restore the promise of our democracy.

Growing the economy and jobs

  • The new red tape unit in the Presidency will drive regulatory reforms to enable growth in the small business and informal sector.

  • A new, redesigned loan guarantee scheme will make it easier for small businesses to get finance.

  • The finalisation of the mining exploration strategy will attract investors into mining the types of minerals needed in the new global economy.

  • The fourth South Africa Investment Conference will be held on 24 March 2022.

  • Transnet will start providing third-party private operators with access to its freight network by April 2022.

  • PRASA is rehabilitating its passenger rail network in 10 priority corridors.

  • Private-public partnerships will be in place at the ports of Durban and Ngqura by October 2022.

  • Eskom has established a separate transmission subsidiary, and is on track to complete its unbundling by December 2022.

  • Amendments to electricity legislation will allow for a competitive electricity market.

  • Communications regulator, ICASA, will begin the auction of high-frequency communications spectrum in March 2022.

  • Regulatory processes are being streamlined so that the cannabis and hemp industry can grow.

  • A revitalised National Youth Service will recruit its first cohort of 50 000 young people during 2022.

Building better lives

  • The R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grant is being extended for another year, to the end of March 2023.

  • R44 billion has been allocated for the extension of the SRD grant.

  • Efforts to develop South Africa’s ability to manufacture vaccines are continuing.

  • We are working with other African countries and international partners to strengthen the continent’s capacity to respond to pandemics.

  • Progress is being made in preparing for the introduction of the National Health Insurance.

  • 97% of higher learning education sites are zero-rated, enabling free electronic access to lectures and resources.

  • We have prioritised infrastructure projects to support better livelihoods, especially in roads and water management.


  • Present a plan of action in response to the recommendations of the State Capture Inquiry.

  • Strengthen legislation and other measures to protect whistle-blowers.

  • Appoint a new head of the Investigating Directorate in the NPA.

  • Introduce special court rolls for state capture and corruption cases.

MAKING communities safer

  • An additional 12 000 new police personnel have been recruited to ensure the SAPS has the capacity it needs.

  • Specialised multi-disciplinary units have been established to address economic sabotage, extortion at construction sites and vandalism of infrastructure.

  • Community policing forums will be re-established to improve relations and coordination between local police and residents.

  • The National Strategic Plan on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide is being implemented.

  • Our security services are developing implementation plans to address the range of recommendations made by the expert panel into the July unrest.


  • A framework for the professionalisation of the public service will soon be finalised, including measures for the recruitment of public servants and continuous professional development.

  • The implementation of the District Development Model to coordinate the work of all spheres of government is continuing.

  • Lifestyle audits are being implemented across the public service.