State of the Nation Address 2023



State of the Nation Address 2023

Leave No One Behind Leave No One Behind

The District Development model

Government is rolling out the District Development Model (DDM) to improve service delivery at municipalities across the country.

The DDM is designed to address problems with service delivery by allowing all spheres of government, from local municipalities to national government, to work together in a more effective and coordinated way.

This will help municipalities to better plan, budget and implement projects and programmes. It will also ensure that the work of municipalities is managed and monitored to keep it on track.

The DDM identifies 44 districts and eight metros around the country that will be used to speed up service delivery and economic development, including job creation.

One Plans

The DDM rests on the development of a ‘One Plan’ for each identified district and metro. This long-term plan of action is developed in collaboration with key stakeholders, communities and the private sector. It sets out the service delivery challenges and opportunities for growth and development in each area.

So far, 35 One Plans have been finalised, 14 are being finalised and three are still to be developed. The plans will allow South African municipalities to begin tackling their service-delivery problems.

The DDM has been piloted in three districts so far:

  • Waterberg

  • OR Tambo district municipalities

  • eThekwini metropolitan municipality


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