State of the Nation  2024


July 2021 unrest

The public violence, destruction of property and looting that took place in July 2021 had an immense impact on people’s lives, livelihoods and sense of security.

A report by an expert panel appointed to review our response to the unrest has been released. The security services have been tasked to urgently develop implementation plans that address the panel's recommendations.

Report findings:

  • Handling of events was inept
  • Police operational planning was poor
  • Lack of coordination between state security and intelligence services
  • Police are not always embedded in the communities they serve

Government is now working on measures to respond to and prevent such turmoil in the future.

  • Fill critical vacancies in the State Security Agency and Crime Intelligence
  • Make leadership changes to strengthen our security structures
  • Address staffing shortcomings at the SAPS public order policing unit

More than 40 alleged instigators of the July 2021 civil unrest have been arrested and appeared in court.

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