State of the Nation  2024


Organised crime

Drug trafficking syndicates, gangs and other forms of organised crime represent an urgent and growing challenge in South Africa. The SAPS is making progress in disrupting and preventing organised illegal activity.

We also need to confront the criminal gangs that invade construction sites and other business places to extort money from companies.

Government has embarked on a process of reform to improve the effectiveness of our fight against crime, corruption and sabotage. We have established specialised SAPS units to work with business, private security and SOEs to tackle illegal mining, essential infrastructure offences, environmental crimes, drugs and drug-related matters, cash-in-transit robberies and ATM bombings, illegal firearms and trafficking in persons.

By the numbers


Illegal drug laboratories dismantled

R324 million

Illegal drugs seized

1 369

People arrested for serious organised crime activities


Convictions secured

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