State of the Nation Address 2024



State of the Nation Address 2024

Leave No One Behind Leave No One Behind

Supporting growth industries

Since 2018, we have secured over R770 billion in investment commitments across a wide range of economic sectors as part of our ambitious drive to raise R1.2 trillion in new investment over five years.

While we help existing industries to grow, we are also nurturing new opportunities for growth and jobs. Government and the private sector have worked closely together to grow the global business services sector from a small group of companies to one of the world’s leading players.

The global business services sector is on track to create 500 000 new jobs over the next few years.

By the numbers

R773.6 billion

Invested in 152 projects

R52.7 billion

37 projects completed

5 000+

Jobs created

Special economic zones

Special economic zones (SEZs) are geographically designated areas set aside for specifically targeted economic activities. The programme focuses on driving and growing manufacturing-led industrialisation.

These 13 zones offer investors targeted investment incentives, preferential tax rates and export support. SEZs provide an attractive manufacturing base for companies seeking to supply both local and international markets.

Cumulative value of investments has increased by 18% year-on-year from R18 billion to R22 billion

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