State of the Nation Address 2024



State of the Nation Address 2024

Leave No One Behind Leave No One Behind
Fighting Corruption
SONA 2018 Commitments and Achievements

We are committed to delivering on the promises made in the 2018 State of the Nation Address. There is still much work to be done, but we have made important progress. Last year, President Cyril Ramaphosa pledged to take strong and decisive action to turn the tide of corruption in our public institutions. On Day 186 post-SONA, we took a crucial step towards that goal.

This is the year in which we will turn the tide of corruption in our public institutions.

The criminal justice institutions have been taking initiatives that will enable us to deal effectively with corruption.

The commission of inquiry into state capture headed by the Deputy Chief Justice, Judge Raymond Zondo, is expected to commence its work shortly.

The Commission is critical to ensuring that the extent and nature of state capture is established, that confidence in public institutions is restored and that those responsible for any wrongdoing are identified.

Day 186

Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture begins public hearings.

This commission is a cleansing process of all the bad things that have happened in our country.

The Zondo Commission began its work in late August of last year in Parktown, Johannesburg. Its mandate is to inquire, investigate and make recommendations into allegations of state capture, corruption and fraud in the public sector. A number of current and former public servants have since appeared before the inquiry.

The Zondo commission of inquiry was set up in August 2018 in Johannesburg. Here Tiso Blackstar executive editor Ranjeni Munusamy reveals everything you need to know about what has happened so far.

The commission is charged with completing its work by March 2020. The hearing of evidence is expected to end by August 2019, with the remainder of time spent on compiling reports and analysing the evidence.

ANC Northern Cape Manifesto launch, Kimberley: 02 February 2019

As much as we are going through a process where there are commissions of inquiry, we are saying we should not be afraid of all those things that are being said and revealed because it is the truth that must come out.

President Ramaphosa addressing the ANC’s People's Manifesto in Kimberley 

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