State of the Nation Address 2022

State of the Nation Address 2022

Leave No One Behind Leave No One Behind

Commitments and Achievements

Commitments and Achievements

As we celebrate the 25-year anniversary of our Constitution, we are reminded that this is a government elected by the people, for the people and which carries the trust of the people.

As a government, we are quite clear what our mandate is.

This is a Presidency for the people. The path we have set upon will not only strengthen our democracy, it will reaffirm our commitment to a Constitution that protects us all – as citizens, as communities, as cultures.

Going forward, we will be unwavering.

In his State of the Nation Address 2022, President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined a programme of decisive action to unite government, business, labour and communities behind a shared goal – building a just and equal society.

These commitments are the concrete and measurable actions that government will implement during the coming year to revive our economy, rebuild our institutions and restore the promise of our democracy.

Download the Commitments booklet
Download the Commitments booklet

Follow our progress. Download your copy.

This handy booklet will be updated regularly to reflect the status of the commitments.

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Going forward, our task is clear.

This is a Presidency at work to drive a coherent and effective programme of action across government.


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